Blog: To Do List

Okay, so I thought I keep a little tab on things and let on with what I’m currently doing as in blog posts and whatnot.

Music Reviews: I actually need to re-organize my music collection again.

  • Nicholas Teo’s Let’s Not Fall In Love Again – Honestly, I’ve been procrastinating though I already scanned images and listened several times.
  • Eric Suen’s Never Said Goodbye – So procrastinating, right?
  • Shine Huang’s Shine album – It had some songs from Endless Love, lol.
  • Yang Mi’s Close To Me – Talking about catching up, right?
  • Nicole Wang’s Queen of Chanson Melody – I found it browsing around one day and purchased it
  • Jacky Zheng’s Yuan Qing Ge – I totally forgot about reviewing this.
  • Eric Suen’s A Second Thought – YUP, got it.
  • Angela Chang’s Visible Wings – YES, I got it anyway.
  • Amber Kuo’s Hear, There, and Everywhere
  • Cecilia Han Xue’s They Say
  • Wilber Pan’s The Story of Billy
  • Just Singing And Dancing OST
  • Freya Lim’s Love, Suddenly
  • Cyndi Wang’s Love Or Not
  • Eric Suen’s Love Actually
  • Hu Xia’s Silly Tango
  • Kevin Cheng’s It’s A Long Story
  • Van Fan’s Let’s Rock, Love Songs
  • JPM’s 365 (Special Version)
  • Angela Chang’s Self Titled Album (Limited Pre-order Edition)

Movies Reviews:

  • Linger
  • Tea Fight – YES, I meant to do this a long time ago but I kept getting into other obsessions. Major apology to Vic fans!
  • Love You 10,000 Years – I actually haven’t watched it yet though I have the dvd, lol. Talking about being behind.
  • Dancing Without You – Again, still haven’t watch though I got it.
  • Magic To Win – Got this awhile back.
  • Citizen King – Johnson Lee’s movie
  • Sleepless Fashion
  • Any Other Side
  • Saving General Yang
  • Mini-Movie: Refresh 3+7
  • Touch of Light

TV Series Reviews:

  • Gu Jian En Chou Ji 1984: Part III – OMG, I totally forget that I didn’t finish posting it. BUT I need to watch the last bit again to remember accurate, lol. However, notice that I divided it into 10-years gap SO hope it wasn’t too much of a cliff hanger.
  • Legend of Star Apple – Episode 6 – YES, need to finish the episode summaries.
  • Love Together (FTV) – Episode 4 – Honestly, I know, I’m lagging on bringing out reviews for this though I finished the drama ages ago already. YET couldn’t help it. I will get back into trying to finish the review since I’m watching it again recently and lifting off some quotes, etc.
  • Only You (TVB) – Episode 2 – YES, I finally finished it and had some notes, just need to write the posts and post it up, etc.
  • [CANCELLED] Show Me The Happy (TVB) – Finished this ages ago, but haven’t gotten time to do the review. NOT really. Might just scrap it off since it has been a long time now but might come back. Don’t know.
  • [CANCELLED]Life at Sanyuan County – Honestly, I had some beef about this and wanted to get things out of my system. OR maybe I’ll just forget about it since I should focus on the positive anyway, right?
  • [CANCELLED] Tiger Cubs (TVB) – I thought it was decent, but was lazy to do a review for it.
  • [CANCELLED] Bountiful Blessings (Singapore) - Interesting take on things but just need to do the review.
  • Ji Gong 1995 (TW version) – Need to get this out, but had too many notes regarding it so will be awhile.
  • [CANCELLED] King Maker (TVB) – Finished, just need to write review for it.
  • Detective Di Ren Jie – Mainland China version, NOT others
  • Detective Tang Lang – On the boiler, NOT really that hype over it anymore
  • [CANCELLED] The Legend of Dragon Pearl (TVB) – This seemed so long ago BUT just watched it recently, just hadn’t gotten around to the review. Sounds too familiar, right?
  • [CANCELLED] Li Wei’s Resignation – YES, I totally forgot about this too but I think I will review it sometime in the future
  • [CANCELLED] The Blood Sword (ATV) – Kenny Ho’s version
  • [CANCELLED] Lord of Imprisonment – Totally forgot about this too.
  • Zhong Wu Yan – Episode 1 – NOT on top of my priority list but might as well put it here for tracking purposes.
  • Autumn’s Concerto – Episode 1 – Also the same as the previous but just keeping track here.
  • Mei Ren Long Tang – DONE!
  • [CANCELLED] Just Sing And Dancing – Actually planning to watch it during airing as well. I decided to do individual,l random posts on it instead of the typical episode summary.
  • True Love 365 – DONE!
  • Borrow Your Love – Episode 14 – DONE!
  • Bao Qing Tian: Huang Jin Meng


  • Full Moon Curved Sabre – It’s an ongoing project AND probably the most challenging because wuxia is actually VERY hard to translate.
  • More songs – Mostly Viet, but we’ll see.
  • More articles – IF I could just do it, lol.

Special Profiles: Stuffs that still need to be fine-tuned, mostly graphics

  • Bianca Bai
  • Cynthia/ Chloe Wang
  • Denny Tang Feng
  • Enson Chang
  • Eric Huang
  • [CANCELLED] Jacky Chu
  • James Chu
  • Joanne Zeng
  • Ken Chang
  • Margaret Wang
  • Penny Lin
  • Sophia Chou
  • Yvonne Yao

Couple Posts + Pages – Seriously, been lagging because I couldn’t make up my mind regarding it BUT possibly will focus more on it when I’m done with fixing the ‘special profiles’ section.

Fan Fiction:

  • Hide & Seek – Chapter 7 – Vic & Cyndi
  • Honey In Tea – Chapter 1 – Joe & Janine
  • Neurotic: Tainted World – Chapter 2 – Wallace, Nic, Tony, Angela, and Calvin
  • Payback – Chapter 2 – Xiu Jie Kai, Cynthia, and Nic
  • Slanted Thoughts 2: Edge of Darkness – Chapter 13 – Wallace, Tammy, Nic, Angela, Amber, and Yvonne
  • Stranded – Voting process
  • The Dating Game 4: Bridge of Hope – Chapter 11 – Joanne, Jacky, Sophia, Ehlo, Angela, Wallace, and Yvonne
  • The Dating Game 5: Rebirth – Chapter 6 – Joanne, Jacky, Ehlo, Angela, Wallace, Yvonne, and Bryant
  • Poster to-do/re-do:
    • Afraid of Darkness
    • Haunting Past
    • Payback
    • Scheming Nature
    • Slanted Thoughts I
    • The Dating Game 1-4 (ALL 4 POSTERS LOOK LAME TO DEATH)
    • The Other Extreme

Other Randomness:

  • Dian Wan Da Lian Meng – I finished catching up to all the remaining episodes already. Just need more cushion posts to bring it out.
  • Finally launching the “Song of The Week” sagas.
  • More “Favorite Quotes” posts.

*To-Do List will be update from time to time OR it will disappear when I finally finish aka all caught up with stuffs (LOL)…

Stephen King: On Writing

Okay, this isn’t a review about his book. But I stumbled upon an article in my news feed so sort of want to cover it. I’m going down the list, so feel free to exit stage left whenever, lol.

#1. I need to do that. I don’t know. I couldn’t help myself at times. I swear I had cut back on TV shows in general, except for the catching up on old TV series on Netflix. (And okay, the side soaps at times.) But really, I need to start doing that. Since sometimes I feel myself walking into a bad imitation of my favorite TV show and I want to smack myself on the head for it. But yeah…

#2. I think I need to practice this point to overcome my fear and take on some challenges as an immature writer. ‘Cause seriously, I find myself deleting or throwing out some of the works halfway through, because I feel like I’m not going to get anywhere with it anyway. Maybe I should struggle a little longer before kicking it altogether.

#3. OMG, this seriously hit home. I think it’s the sole reason why sometimes I hold back on my story. Although I claimed to operate on my own wavelength, but at times I take those thoughts in too seriously and then I hold back on my plot or characters in general.

#4. Getting there, but not totally, because I think this one tie in with #3 for me. Because when you please others and not write for yourself, it becomes a disaster. Been there too many times.

#5. I need to keep this in mind.

#6. I wish I can, but this is definitely true if you want to get anything done in general, not just writing.

#7. Thank you for this one! ‘Cause I’m seriously feeling pretty depressed at times for my lack of complicated/sophisticated words at times. ‘Cause I feel like I’m writing at an elementary level if I don’t throw in big words. Yet this one makes me feel a lot better that I should write as I feel like it, not throwing in big words just because everyone and their cousins are doing it.

#8. Need to work on this one!

#9. I think I throw this out the window ages ago, because I actually have to look up what adverbs are when I was going down the list, lol.

#10. So need to work on this one. I mean I need to provide enough to build the mood, character, and plot, BUT not get too wordy or long-winded.

#11. Almost there. Or maybe I’m just bluffing, lol.

#12. Yeah, I need to stay on topic sometimes, lol.

#13. Need to do this more.

#14. I literally laughed out loud at this one. Seriously! Definitely.

#15. I don’t think I’ve done it since I’m like totally way out of it when it comes to style or whatever. But if I do sound like I’m trying to mimic some famous authors, I didn’t do it on purpose.

#16. Still working on this. In fact, it sort of goes hand in hand with some of the previous points, especially how conveying the message so that the readers get it, etc.

#17. I always do! Okay, maybe my stories don’t seem that way at times, but I do take it seriously. Maybe sometimes too seriously.

#18. Trying to.

#19. OMG, this one couldn’t be any truer. If you don’t finish it within that amount of time or shorter, your tone will change. It happened with several of my stories. It did! I didn’t know where it went, whether was busy doing other real life stuffs or stressing over other matters, it takes it away. So even if I try to put some stories aside to not destroy the mood, I ruined the tone. Unless I go and read the previous parts again to find my flow. Yet it’s hard! If you don’t finish it ASAP, it’s going away.

#20. Totally! Couldn’t agree more. I remember rushing to finish stuffs and then just plain get it out. But then later when I went back to some old stories just to confirm some details or try not to repeat some formula for other stories, I found even more mistakes than I didn’t realize. It’s SAD but it changes the overall feel of the story.

#21. Still working on this one. In fact, this is one of the hardest ones. Letting go. It’s easy to just say, “I give up,” and toss it out the window in the middle of the story, etc. But it’s harder to cut or let go when you’re already done with it and it seemed like you couldn’t let go of anything. But sometimes you have to sacrifice it for the overall plot. Or people would be asking, “What’s the story about again?”

#22. Um, I don’t know what to say about this. But I will have to agree that there will have to be some balance in life in order to focus on writing and writing well. Because when you’re stressed out over other elements in your life, it will drain you so bad that you can’t even write anymore. Well, you still can, but you will find yourself tossing out a lot of papers OR just plain backspace/delete or whatever else.

Seasons in the Sun: DVD Release

(Credit was marked on photo)

The official English title is finally known, lol. OR at least it was for me.

Here’s the DVD boxset for those who are interested:

Shen Yi Da Dao Gong 2013: Airing

According to Xiao Xiao Yu’s Facebook, the drama will start airing on CCTV8 on July 30th at 20:15.

For Chloe + Isabel


Hey, everyone, this is a personal post. But not really. I just recently become a merchandiser for a jewelry brand known as “Chloe + Isabel“. Yes, it’s direct selling, but I will say in my defense, it’s the only way I could learn sales and acquire other related skills, because I kept getting turned down while trying on my quest to search for another job. And yes, I have a job, not just sitting around watching dramas and throwing out random reviews. So now I have two jobs, but this one will be more of a challenge since it’s totally out of my field. Yet I’m glad for this opportunity because it is a new learning experience for me, and I was actually given a chance. Aside from it being categorized into the “direct selling” section, I think it’s pretty much like a normal job, except there might be more freedom. Because we do get trained properly and monitored by our managers, etc. However, I must say the reason why I chose this company in the first place (after much researching done) is because they’re more on the learning curve and less on forcing the whole ‘recruiting more members’. I’m sure there are other great companies out there, but there have been more ghost stories out there regarding some other big companies that had also made me feel unease. So far, I’m still learning and I will tell you I don’t know what will become of it in the future, but right now, I’m comfortable with it – as far as the learning environment and all the helpful encouragements and tips from everyone within the community.

Chloe + Isabel currently focuses within the U.S. However, from a recent interview, the big boss is planning to expand according to this article. So, with all that is said and done, hopefully some of my readers will explore my boutique and perhaps support it one way or another – either by sending me encouraging words or spread it around to those who might possibly like the styles of the jewelry, etc. Aside from that, there’s also my Facebook Page created especially for this business, which I will hold special raffle events and update on different deals. And those of you who think that this blog might turn into a space where I would end up spamming it crazy with my business or not, I promise you it won’t. Because I’ve already made a different blog for promotional purposes. So it means that this post will be the only one talking about this business. It also means that this blog will always be dedicated to the randomness regarding the e-circle, and sometimes the randomness in my life that no one really cares for.

Angela Zhang

Okay, SO I finally had some free time to listen to this more carefully and reviewing it. And I don’t know, but I felt like I should free my mind of all the side criticism from others as well. I meant, we all have our opinions, but sometimes I get so down that those opinions influenced my own SO I had to make sure I give this a fair listening, lol.

Now, first off, this time, it was much easier to do the review, mostly because I didn’t have to jump around to look up words that could have stumped me (since I’m still learning, of course). Because behind the big poster are the lyrics – in both Chinese and English. So if you get the album, that’s the upside. Not to mention some other goodies. The photo book this time is designed so that the pictures are transparent, so you could see through all the pages, but you could also lift the first layer up and look at the next one on its own page. There’s also a coupon for Angela’s Temptation Styles. (If anyone wants it, leave me a message on the post. The coupon expires on December 31st, 2014. I totally forgot about it until now, sorry! There’s still time though.)

So on to the songs now.

1. Bandage (OK蹦). Strong, upbeat song. Lively and suitable for opening up the album. Kind of metallic feeling although it’s supposed to be somewhat of a love song. Well, sort of. There are just too many heartbroken things in this world, sometimes it’s better to be or rely on robots.

2. When You Live For Love (為愛而活). Very powerful and inspirational song. Moving on and all. I especially like Angela’s voice for this track. I don’t know, it brings back some of the feelings of the past, like fighting on, etc. Although there are heartbreaking events in life, but there are also things to look forward to, etc. Love the encouraging messages in here.

3. My Tears (我的眼淚). Another somewhat of a inspirational song. Be truth to oneself, even if there are prices for it. Somewhat sad and haunting. Okay, it’s very sad and haunting, lol.

4. Sunshine Air (陽光空氣). Kind of lighthearted and sweet song. More uplifting than the last few songs, honestly. (Though that doesn’t mean I didn’t like the last 3 songs.) It’s more hopeful and playful too.

5. Love Isn’t Wrong (愛沒有錯). Sad song. Just plain sad. Not really focusing on the blaming game, but just wanting to move on.

6. Travel Enthusiast (愛旅行的人). Awesome song about life. There are many things we cannot control and can’t change others’ opinions, but it doesn’t mean we can’t go on living our lives.

7. Love Magnetic Field (愛磁場). The true uplifting, upbeat and encouraging song in the whole album. I swear, LOL! Even if some of the others song are still encouraging us on and be positive, but it’s still in the morbid mood. This one just reeks of happiness and one couldn’t help but be affected by the positive vibe.

8. Pleasing (討好). Another sad song. Too sad for words. I don’t know. But I think most of us could relate to this song, with trying hard to please others but then losing ourselves in it. Or forcing other people to see it our way yet in the end, it would cause even more frustration. This one was just telling one to let go or to stop playing mind games.

9. Tattoo Love (刺情). Another sad song. Love, breakup, and denial. I think this one especially tug at my heart more than the others, because it sort of hit closer to home.

10. Live In This Moment (活在此刻). Actually, this song is quite uplifting and encouraging one to live and cherish each day with happiness, not dwell in sorrow or waste time. However, for some reason, I couldn’t get into it. Yeah, finally complaining. Maybe it’s the mix of the song or the beat. NOT sure. It felt off for me.

11. Never Forget You. Ummmmmm. I don’t know what to say about this either. I meant it’s not a bad song, but for some reason, I’m not feeling it either. Oh yeah, Angela sings in English for this one so there’s no need to look at the lyrics unless you’re not fluent and need the Chinese counterpart of the lyrics, lol.

So after all of that, what’s my final decision? I like it. But for some reason, I feel a sense of anti-climatic at times. Maybe it’s because they’re on the same wavelength, not really standing out over one another for some reason. NOT implying or saying it’s monotone, but I felt because each song was sung with the same technique, except for some I guess, so the songs ended up being somewhat the same. And I think what most of us Angela fans want to ask is: When is Angela done with being a robot? NOT saying she’s a robot, lol. I meant the style. I will say that I like it that she’s breaking out with different styles and continue to show her talent, but I hope she would move on from the robot theme the next time. I hope she would go back to being an earthling soon. LOL! But all in all, I found most of the tracks enjoyable.