Blog: To Do List

Okay, so I thought I keep a little tab on things and let on with what I’m currently doing as in blog posts and whatnot.

Music Reviews: I actually need to re-organize my music collection again.

  • Nicholas Teo’s Let’s Not Fall In Love Again – Honestly, I’ve been procrastinating though I already scanned images and listened several times.
  • Eric Suen’s Never Said Goodbye – So procrastinating, right?
  • Shine Huang’s Shine album – It had some songs from Endless Love, lol.
  • Yang Mi’s Close To Me – Talking about catching up, right?
  • Nicole Wang’s Queen of Chanson Melody – I found it browsing around one day and purchased it
  • Jacky Zheng’s Yuan Qing Ge – I totally forgot about reviewing this.
  • Eric Suen’s A Second Thought – YUP, got it.
  • Angela Chang’s Visible Wings – YES, I got it anyway.
  • Amber Kuo’s Hear, There, and Everywhere
  • Cecilia Han Xue’s They Say
  • Wilber Pan’s The Story of Billy
  • Just Singing And Dancing OST
  • Freya Lim’s Love, Suddenly
  • Cyndi Wang’s Love Or Not
  • Eric Suen’s Love Actually
  • Hu Xia’s Silly Tango
  • Kevin Cheng’s It’s A Long Story
  • Van Fan’s Let’s Rock, Love Songs
  • JPM’s 365 (Special Version)
  • Angela Chang’s Self Titled Album (Limited Pre-order Edition)

Movies Reviews:

  • Linger
  • Tea Fight – YES, I meant to do this a long time ago but I kept getting into other obsessions. Major apology to Vic fans!
  • Love You 10,000 Years – I actually haven’t watched it yet though I have the dvd, lol. Talking about being behind.
  • Dancing Without You – Again, still haven’t watch though I got it.
  • Magic To Win – Got this awhile back.
  • Citizen King – Johnson Lee’s movie
  • Sleepless Fashion
  • Any Other Side
  • Saving General Yang
  • Mini-Movie: Refresh 3+7
  • Touch of Light

TV Series Reviews:

  • Gu Jian En Chou Ji 1984: Part III – OMG, I totally forget that I didn’t finish posting it. BUT I need to watch the last bit again to remember accurate, lol. However, notice that I divided it into 10-years gap SO hope it wasn’t too much of a cliff hanger.
  • Legend of Star Apple – Episode 6 – YES, need to finish the episode summaries.
  • Love Together (FTV) – Episode 4 – Honestly, I know, I’m lagging on bringing out reviews for this though I finished the drama ages ago already. YET couldn’t help it. I will get back into trying to finish the review since I’m watching it again recently and lifting off some quotes, etc.
  • Only You (TVB) – Episode 2 – YES, I finally finished it and had some notes, just need to write the posts and post it up, etc.
  • [CANCELLED] Show Me The Happy (TVB) – Finished this ages ago, but haven’t gotten time to do the review. NOT really. Might just scrap it off since it has been a long time now but might come back. Don’t know.
  • [CANCELLED]Life at Sanyuan County – Honestly, I had some beef about this and wanted to get things out of my system. OR maybe I’ll just forget about it since I should focus on the positive anyway, right?
  • [CANCELLED] Tiger Cubs (TVB) – I thought it was decent, but was lazy to do a review for it.
  • [CANCELLED] Bountiful Blessings (Singapore) - Interesting take on things but just need to do the review.
  • Ji Gong 1995 (TW version) – Need to get this out, but had too many notes regarding it so will be awhile.
  • [CANCELLED] King Maker (TVB) – Finished, just need to write review for it.
  • Detective Di Ren Jie – Mainland China version, NOT others
  • Detective Tang Lang – On the boiler, NOT really that hype over it anymore
  • [CANCELLED] The Legend of Dragon Pearl (TVB) – This seemed so long ago BUT just watched it recently, just hadn’t gotten around to the review. Sounds too familiar, right?
  • [CANCELLED] Li Wei’s Resignation – YES, I totally forgot about this too but I think I will review it sometime in the future
  • [CANCELLED] The Blood Sword (ATV) – Kenny Ho’s version
  • [CANCELLED] Lord of Imprisonment – Totally forgot about this too.
  • Zhong Wu Yan – Episode 1 – NOT on top of my priority list but might as well put it here for tracking purposes.
  • Autumn’s Concerto – Episode 1 – Also the same as the previous but just keeping track here.
  • Mei Ren Long Tang – DONE!
  • [CANCELLED] Just Sing And Dancing – Actually planning to watch it during airing as well. I decided to do individual,l random posts on it instead of the typical episode summary.
  • True Love 365 – DONE!
  • Borrow Your Love – Episode 14 – DONE!
  • Bao Qing Tian: Huang Jin Meng


  • Full Moon Curved Sabre – It’s an ongoing project AND probably the most challenging because wuxia is actually VERY hard to translate.
  • More songs – Mostly Viet, but we’ll see.
  • More articles – IF I could just do it, lol.

Special Profiles: Stuffs that still need to be fine-tuned, mostly graphics

  • Bianca Bai
  • Cynthia/ Chloe Wang
  • Denny Tang Feng
  • Enson Chang
  • Eric Huang
  • [CANCELLED] Jacky Chu
  • James Chu
  • Joanne Zeng
  • Ken Chang
  • Margaret Wang
  • Penny Lin
  • Sophia Chou
  • Yvonne Yao

Couple Posts + Pages – Seriously, been lagging because I couldn’t make up my mind regarding it BUT possibly will focus more on it when I’m done with fixing the ‘special profiles’ section.

Fan Fiction:

  • Hide & Seek – Chapter 7 – Vic & Cyndi
  • Honey In Tea – Chapter 1 – Joe & Janine
  • Neurotic: Tainted World – Chapter 2 – Wallace, Nic, Tony, Angela, and Calvin
  • Payback – Chapter 2 – Xiu Jie Kai, Cynthia, and Nic
  • Slanted Thoughts 2: Edge of Darkness – Chapter 13 – Wallace, Tammy, Nic, Angela, Amber, and Yvonne
  • Stranded – Voting process
  • The Dating Game 4: Bridge of Hope – Chapter 11 – Joanne, Jacky, Sophia, Ehlo, Angela, Wallace, and Yvonne
  • The Dating Game 5: Rebirth – Chapter 8 – Joanne, Jacky, Ehlo, Angela, Wallace, Yvonne, and Bryant
  • The Business – Chapter 2 – Wallace, Penny, Van, Tammy, and Enson
  • Poster to-do/re-do:
    • Afraid of Darkness
    • Haunting Past
    • Payback
    • Scheming Nature
    • Slanted Thoughts I
    • The Dating Game 1-4 (ALL 4 POSTERS LOOK LAME TO DEATH)
    • The Other Extreme

Other Randomness:

  • Dian Wan Da Lian Meng – I finished catching up to all the remaining episodes already. Just need more cushion posts to bring it out.
  • Finally launching the “Song of The Week” sagas.
  • More “Favorite Quotes” posts.

*To-Do List will be update from time to time OR it will disappear when I finally finish aka all caught up with stuffs (LOL)…

A Second Thought

I sure took my precious times where Eric’s albums are concerns of recent. Yet I think it’s worth it because I get to spend more time listening to the songs. Anyway, how was this one? Full of ranges and variety. Like most of his recent album, he wrote and/or composed the music for the majority of the songs. He even produced ‘em. So of course he had a lot control over the album. It really steered toward his artistic side so that was reassuring.


1. Healing Dryness (療Dry).  An upbeat, powerful song to start the album off. Very addicting and affecting one’s mood. Although it’s supposedly somewhat of a sad song, since everything seems to be just about going on and doing stuffs according to routine. But the saving point was the ending with saying how one doesn’t have to feel that way, etc. A very nice song to lead the album.

2. Rock Bottom (谷底). Penned by Eric. A very sad song. The feeling of the song reminds me of this 90s Aaron Kwok song for some reason. (Which I can’t recall the title at the moment, but it’s just madly familiar.) Anyway, a very good song by Eric, capturing the feeling so well with the lyrics and music.

3. From Now On My World Has One More Second (從此我的世界多了一秒). Another song penned by Eric. It’s one of those songs that I know it’s a good song yet I couldn’t get into it.

4. I Do. Yet another song penned by Eric. A very uplifting and free flowing song. Sweet and promising in many ways, obviously because of the mood. Could be called mushy but I’m a sucker for it. Love the song! Could be my 2nd favorite in here.

5. Magnificent Friendship (超友誼). Mixed feelings. On one hand I really like the music and flow. On the other hand, the feeling of the lyrics make it somewhat off.

6. One Hundred Meters (一百米). Another mixed feelings. Catchy in a way yet I couldn’t get into it. I like the theme and imagery but not as much as the arrangement.

7. One Million Miles. 3rd favorite song. I don’t know. It’s just so addicting and catchy. Not too depressing yet not too over-hype either. A balance among some of the songs.

8. Returning Home (回家). Deep, nice, and inspirational. A very nice, flowing song.

9. The Battlefield’s Final Christmas (戰場上的最後聖誕). Powerful. Probably meant to be since it has to do with X-mas and all.

10. Breaking the Waves (浪踏破). Featuring Hardpack. Uplifting and exciting. Liveliness with the additional of the collaboration.

11. Letting Go (放開手). Sad, slow song. The tune makes it even more depressing. Nice and sorrowful exit.


1. Mini Movie: Give Me A Second To Say Love You (Mini Movie [給我一秒說愛你] ). The last time Eric did a mini movie for an album was for “In the name of…Love“. I loved that one because of his chemistry with Vivien Yeo. This one? Short, but was cute in a way. I didn’t like it that he was taking out on his girlfriend after a day of unfruitful tackling at work. Yet it was cute with the ending.

2. Healing Dryness (療Dry) MV. Very lively and addicting. I repeated it several more times before moving on, lol. The creation of the music video was very interesting. Unlike those recent fast songs that kept selling something, this one played on the visualization and his liveliness.

3.  (谷底) MV.  Love the concept. I felt I could get into the song more. The haunting feeling of the overall story drove the song through. What bugged the world out of me was the way the lyrics were boxed in. They could have done a better job of arranging it in a way that was easier to read.

4.  From Now On My World Has One More Second (從此我的世界多了一秒) MV. It’s a rehash of the mini-movie, which made me felt kind of robbed. But I think the other 2 MVs made up for it.

Overall feeling? It’s like another must have for Eric fans! Yes, although I wasn’t feeling so strong about some of the songs, but I think in general, it was a very good album.

Dong Jiang Heroes: Celebration!


(Image credit: as marked)

Okay, still too early but so happy for the production team! Their work paid off! And usually, I don’t care much for ratings. But this time, I couldn’t resist. Especially when they totally deserve it.

Night Rose

I stumbled upon it by accident because I was looking for Wallace Chung’s songs. LOL! Nice or what? But it was a really cute movie overall! I’m really glad that I found it!

Oh, to those who are impatient and think that slow movies are senseless shouldn’t watch though. ‘Cause I saw some comments about people saying they wasted time and how if it wasn’t for Wallace and Ruby, would they make it through? And somehow, I actually thought of that when I saw the comment. I meant, in a serious manner, trying to plug in random cast to see if I would feel the same, but for me, overall, I like it regardless of cast. Sure, it might not be on top of my to-watch list if some cast I don’t like would be in it. But for the theme, I could relate to and felt that it was a nice one. Because seriously, for the rest of us who aren’t living such a colorful life, I could tell you it pretty much sticks close to it, except giving us an interesting theme to think about night roses.

Perhaps the sole reason why I liked it so much was it addressed the loneliness of people, especially those striking out in the world by themselves, etc. Also, because it totally didn’t go the dramatic route. What pulled me in was the undertone at times yet it didn’t fail in capturing some of the essence about life. People who live much more exciting lives probably do not understand. But yeah. That was nice for me.

On the other hand, it could be kind of typical with seeing two roommates falling for one another, but I swear the main leads weren’t out of reach regarding characters. I meant how their characters were crafted made me feel like I could relate to them. He was clueless at times and didn’t know how to convey his feelings hence causing her to misunderstand (or it could just be her attitude, lol). Then it was her snappy attitude at times that made me feel like she wasn’t some typical main lead who was innocent and nice and always so bubbly and optimistic about life. Or she wasn’t the type to just went the b*tchy route either, like some writers like to think that was how ‘feisty’ characters were. But she was in between, which made it nice. Sure, she was somewhat socially awkward at times – it seemed to let on. Yet she was caring at other times. There was a back story relating how she had withdrawn to herself. So it all made sense. He seemed to be the anti-social kind or just plain lonely type (during flashbacks) then later was pulled out of his shell by his senior. Over the years, he enjoyed the company of his roommate and then eventually realize he have to break out on his own, but still want to seek some kind of companionship. It eventually tied back to how he brought Mei Gui out of her shell. There was the whole life lesson tossed in about him helping her resolving her past conflicts with her father and somehow encouraged her to pursue her teaching career again. Yet it wasn’t overly dramatic to make him the ‘hero in shining armor’. It was just one of those things you do in life, especially when you don’t want to see the one you care for not smiling, etc. Because it was so passive at times (according to some people), it felt genuine to me.

Okay, I didn’t read the novel and was having a hard time hunting down for it. But for the movie version, I’ll say it was good enough for me. If I find the novel one day, I might go back and discuss.

So what about Wallace and Ruby? OMG, I couldn’t imagine liking them so much but they were so cute! And so natural together too. I especially like it that there weren’t too random scenes tossed in to make them overly cute for the selling point. Those were just based on their interactions at times, whether routine or just bizarre situations, lol.

*Images were collected around the net hence belonging to their rightful owners.

Penny’s Return

Well, she wasn’t gone, but it was more like she’d been busy in the mainland from one production to another. She finally returned to Taiwan in the currently airing daily soap called “Shi Jian Qing” (世間情). Penny’s character this time is Ye Jian Ying (葉劍英), nicknamed Ye Zi (葉子). So far, she seemed to have the most interactions with the main lead, Angus Xie – to which he posted pictures of them together on the set.

To be honest, I haven’t even started watching this. YES, I know it’s daily soap so it’s long. Yet I was curious because of Athena Lee and Sunny Lee being in it. (I followed them since after watching the parody of “Madame White Snake“.) Now that Penny’s in it too, another reason to watch, aside from having Angus as the main lead. I just need to make time for it, lol. Or maybe abandon the other episodes and just plain start at episode 191.

On the other hand, Penny set up a Facebook page for fans earlier this month so stalk here:

*All images were collected around the net, therefore, belonging to their rightful owners.

The Stand In: Promo Trailer

(Credit: ForeverWallace)