Royal Tramp 2014: On the Side

I seriously forgot to go back and update on how they wrapped up and did some promo events for this awhile back. Well, it was around the time the new DGSD aired and all so I was occupied with watching that and forgot, lol. Anyway, back to share more cute and/or hilarious pictures from this production.

Additional stills from the drama itself:


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Royal Tramp 2014: More Drama Unfolded

Just when I was breathing out in relief that they finally found a suitable candidate to portray Zeng Rou, something else happened. I should’ve look more carefully with my last update and how I had indeed shared some pictures of Han Dong’s birthday, BUT I actually missed it.

The latest set of dramas had to do with Fang Yi. Or should I say Zhao Ke? Halfway through her scenes, she pulled out of the production due to schedule complications and health issues. So now they have to re-shoot some scenes of her. (Or so I think.) It would be too weird with two Fang Yi (aka two people portraying her).

How did Director Samson get past this obstacle? He let Zhao Yuan Yuan took over the role of Fang Yi as well. (That also meant Fang Yi and the character Yin Hu are portrayed by the same person. Is there going to be a connecting story between the two characters or is that going to be a gap that two people just look similar? Or would that totally be abandoned with lookalikes and let it be?)

Yes, the costumes are being re-use. Why waste it, right? Yet what’s disappointing is I already have an image of the new Fang Yi in my head and am already prepared to see how Zhao Ke would portray the role. But health is important so can’t blame Zhao Ke for withdrawing.

On another note, they finally released official posters for Zeng Rou:

Oh yeah, I guess never shared the official poster for the king, so here goes as well:

More Xiao Bao and the King moments:

And Xiao Bao and A Ke moments:

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Royal Tramp 2014: Zeng Rou FOUND at long last

Yes, mystery solve at long last! I swear I was getting unease because they might go and cut her out like some of the past adaptations. Yet it just took awhile to find her. PHEW! So even if this one turns out crazy, I’ll still hang on to see how it goes since they did include all 7 girls.

Mona Wang Ya Hui (王雅慧) is going to be Zeng Rou. She looks serious here but probably the scene calls for it.

Oh yeah, they managed to film the parts with Zheng Ke Shuang (鄭克塽) already. Lin Jiang Guo (林江国) will be portraying that role.

On the latest highlight, Han Dong celebrated his birthday on the set with some of the cast and crew. They seemed to have a lot of fun.

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Royal Tramp 2014: More Cast Moments

Regardless of how this one will turn out to be, the latest shining spot of the production was inviting Michelle Yim to be the empress dowager.

And though still unsure of some of the cast, but still find those random moments from the cast enjoyable.

*All images were collected around the net, therefore, belonging to their rightful owners.

Royal Tramp 2014: Far Out

Okay, so the production is really moving along and the cast seem to be getting along quite well as of recent updates. (It’s not like they’re going to post disagreements on there and feed the paparazzi some more, lol, but yeah…it has been enjoyable to follow them – before I had to go back to school work like insane that was.) But the drawing above posted by Han Dong and later forwarded by several parties is really cute!

There’s finally a closer picture of the Emperor Kang Xi. Yay! Mystery solved as to what he would look like in here. At least one of his outfits.

What was strange was seeing Chen Jin Nan fighting with Ao Bai. Like really? I honestly don’t remember the novel anymore since though I read it three times already BUT it has been awhile. Yet I don’t remember that part. Maybe they’re giving Chen Jin Nan a bigger role for this adaptation. I actually don’t mind. At least it’s a refreshing side – even if it will be exaggerated to some degree.

However, what’s even more puzzling is this one. Maybe they were just posing for the picture on break time. But when in the world did they meet? Is this a hint some characters would be cut out to make more room for Chen Jin Nan? Just saying. (Or was it in the changes that Jin Yong made later and I wasn’t even paying attention? Since I only have the first version. That’s like ages back.) Wild guesses on my part really, but it’s kind of fun to guess based upon some of the pictures.

What I found really cute (as well as the first image) was this one. Yeah, they were messing around and posing for the camera, but still cute in a way.

With all the commotions though, there’s still no words of Xiao Bao’s Zeng Rou Mei Zi. It’s getting super suspicious now, like some people might be right with Yin Hu replacing her. Or is that so? Because they’re still filming palace scenes so once they move to scenes outside of the palace, they might reveal who’s Zeng Rou? Being hopeful here.

I haven’t checked news as of recent SO not sure what else has been reported or that would reveal more answers. (Since I’ve been running around like a mad person again with taking care of school-related stuffs. If I find out the answers, I’ll update about that in the future.)

*All images were collected around the net, therefore, belonging to their rightful owners.