Poll Competition: Who’s On the Header?

So I’m bored lately YET that’s ironic because I’m also MAD busy with school work. But anyway, I decide to put in this game for fun since I haven’t had one of those for a while now. Here’s the deal, vote for your favorites (that are on the poll at the bottom of the page) with the poll included in the post (it’s the same one at the bottom of the page titled “Regular Poll” but it was a bit confusing so I included it here as well). The top three winners will get their moment on the header! The deadline is the midnight of September 14. (My time!) I’ll post up results on the 15.


Here’s the second part, you get to create the banners! Nice? (Or grab your friends to do it for you, whoever.) Those of you who are confident that your favorites will win, here are the requirements for the banners to get a head start:

  • The default size of the header is: 1600 px width × 230 px height
  • Be sure to put your signature (or tell whoever is making the banner to place some sort of signature) on there for credit purposes
  • Graphics relating to those on the polls only are preferred (considering how they’re on the banners and it would be pleasing on the eyes for me rather than people I don’t like), BUT there are exceptions because NOT everyone I like are in polls, etc. Just leave a comment if you thought of someone else to include along with someone on the poll. (I highly encourage you to leave comments IF you’re thinking of putting someone else in along with the ones already on the poll BECAUSE I would hate it that I couldn’t use the image when you’ve probably spent A LOT of time creating the artwork.)
  • NO inappropriate images (I don’t want to be banned by WordPress, lol)

As for how long banners will be displayed or how many at a time, it will depend on how many people are willing to participate in my activity. I’ll get to that part when the voting time is over.

Feel free to ask questions (in the comment box) and then I’ll put in a FAQ to clear things up. Happy voting! Spread the words if you feel like it!

AND NO, this is NOT an attempt to start any sort of fan wars, lol – or see who’s more popular, etc. But it’s more like I’m lazy to create a new banner. And I would like to display others’ banners for the time being. Hey, come on, it’s a good way to make friends too.


FAQs/ Comments/ Concerns:

Q: Where should I post it then?
A: For those getting a head start, send the graphics to my e-mail: jd1202@gmail.com with the subject as Poll Competition: Banner Graphics (and no rush since the 14th deadline is just the voting deadline, NOT graphics deadline).

Q: 1600 px width × 230 px height? That’s quite an odd size.
A: Yes, it’s odd. But that’s the default header size for the layout I’m using.

Q: I already voted. Can I vote again?
A: YES, definitely. I disabled the cookies block, etc so everyone’s good to go. Vote as many times as you like.

Q: Did you vote?
A: NO. I never vote when I host some poll activity. I like surprises! (And me voting would be like cheating, lol.) So all the voting done are from fans of the people on the poll. I didn’t have any influence over the numbers, except for maybe spreading the words around at different forums.

Comment #1: Interesting but unfortunately I don’t know how to do PS.
Clarifications: You don’t have to. Remember the first step is the voting part. You can do that and let others worry about the PS part.


Sunday, September 15, 2013 – POLL over.  At least, it’s over for the competition, but the poll itself won’t be disappearing completely. It will be put back to its original spot at the bottom of the page like before. It will also become the regular poll again for general voting (aka serves as a guide for me to see who I should blog about more or who likes my posts of the mentioned artists. Thanks everyone who voted for this competition!

Comments will be closed for this post from now on as well to reduce confusion. Please refer to the “result” post if you want to ask questions or make additional comments. Thanks again!

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